September 25, 2017

PURA Permeate Free – Great with Coffee

The Permeate Free range from PURA

Here at PURA, we believe in pure milk with pure taste. That is why we are proud to give you milk that has not been diluted with permeate. It comes to you with all of its natural protein. So what you see is what you get – purest quality milk made right in your state.

Enjoy milk the way it should be with PURA fresh milk – look out for our clearly marked permeate free milk range in a store near you.

What is Permeate?

Permeate is a watery by-product of milk processing. Some dairy companies add it into milk to dilute the protein levels throughout the year. We don’t do this at PURA. Our milk is not diluted with permeate and therefore it’s less processed and closer to how it is on the farm.

Some words from PURA’s Permeate Free Advocate

Watch the video and hear from David Makin – 2 times Australian Barista Champion and Runner Up in the World Barista Championship – why he likes to use permeate free milk.

“I like Permeate Free milk, it textures great on the steam wand, it pours perfectly and sits so nicely with the coffee.”

– David Makin

Permeate Free Milk range

PURA milk provides the nutritional goodness and delicious taste of fresh milk. Our milk helps to meet the recommended 3 serves of dairy every day.

PURA covers everyone’s milk needs – from whole milk to reduced fat and skim milk as well as some specialty offers.

View the Permeate Free Milk Range:

p. 1800 677 852

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