October 3, 2017

RATIONAL have long been considered the leaders in combi steamer technology.

Their new SelfCooking Center® XS unit features all the power and intelligence of its big brothers but in a compact size which fits neatly on a 600mm bench, making it ideal for a cafe.

With the XS unit you can grill, steam, pan fry and bake in just one appliance at the press of a button. No monitoring or checking required making it easy to use, even for temporary staff. What’s more, it’s fully automatic self cleaning function allows you to clean the unit at anytime, even overnight without supervision.

To see how the RATIONAL SelfCooking Center® XS can help you to expand your menu range and increase your revenue and productivity without the need for extra staff or kitchen space, register for a free demonstration.


T: 1800 035 327


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