August 17, 2017


Leading hospitality provider Silver Chef is offering its expertise and guidance in an industry-first initiative to assist SME owners enlisting on the Personal Property Securities Register (PPS Register).

The launch of Silver Chef’s PPS Register Handbook follows the introduction of the Personal Properties Act 2009, in which the PPS Register was established to safeguard consumers before purchasing personal property.

Silver Chef’s Head of Coffee Strategy Kieran Westlake believes the handbook will help to simplify the legislation for hospitality owners left out in the dark.

“The government guide is long, complicated and difficult to interpret unless you have a legal background or you know what you’re looking for,” he said.

“The Silver Chef PPS Register Handbook provides security and protection for our partners and customers who are lending their assets to a third party.

“We are pleased to provide business owners with knowledge they should have, but don’t know they need, to protect them from the risk they could incur.”

In addition, Silver Chef is focused on giving small business partners greater bargaining power in situations where they may typically be vulnerable.

“For example, if a landlord takes the assets of a client who has had to close their doors, our customers will have the shield of Silver Chef, which is a much more formidable opponent to the likes of Westfield who might want to free our client’s assets or tie them up in legal battles.”

Mr Westlake added that business owners in the coffee roasting industry in particular would benefit from the handbook, given that close to 60 percent of businesses provide equipment to their customers in return for guaranteed volumes of coffee sales.

“Many roasters are small enterprises and don’t have the capacity or financial capabilities to understand the arrangement to ensure they are covered,” he said.

“In the month since we’ve launched the handbook, the response has been overwhelmingly positive, with 450 coffee roasters accessing the guide – and many more across other industries.”

“We look forward to guiding more partners and customers through this process and are committed to supporting them every step of the way.”

Once the handbook has been rolled out in Australia, Silver Chef plans to replicate guides for similar processes in New Zealand and Canada.

Kieran Westlake.

For more information, please visit or call 1300 927 897 today.

About Silver Chef Group

Silver Chef Limited (ASX:SIV) delivers equipment funding solutions that help small businesses reach their full potential. We have helped Australian small businesses create their own success stories for over 30 years. By wisely investing in the passions and potential of our customers, our Company’s proven success is a result of their success. We have consistently delivered strong growth in profits through a sound business model and focused management. We are proven excellent risk managers both for Silver Chef Group and for our clients, small businesses.

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