September 13, 2017

Sunny Queen Meal Solutions deliver a fresh take on finger food

With customers increasingly looking for healthier alternatives to traditional fried style finger food, Sunny Queen has rolled out a range of catering products that promise to not only satisfy dietary needs but are quick and economical to prepare.
Sunny Queen Meal Solutions, the prepared food arm of Australia’s leading egg company Sunny Queen, has produced a range of egg based finger foods that offers caterers a nutritious, economical and versatile option, ideal for events and gatherings of all kinds.
“Whether for a major event or a private function, our Finger Food range has been designed to please both the caterer and the consumer,” explained Sunny Queen Managing Director John O’Hara.
“People are tired of getting the same old food options at events and are increasingly looking for different and satisfying options,” he explained. “Caterers also need to provide for a range of dietary needs without having to put added stress on the kitchen. By offering a range that is entirely gluten free, we are able to provide caterers with a choice that not only meets various dietary requirements but is also tasty and versatile.
“Our new Finger Food range is exciting, new and adaptable and has been designed with all these issues in mind and take the stress out of meeting catering challenges without breaking the budget.”
The Sunny Queen Meal Solutions Finger Food range comes in a variety of delicious flavours including Smoked Ham and Cheddar, Creamy Fetta and Spinach and Caramelised Onion & Parmesan Egg Bites, or Corn and Cheese, Corn, Caramelised Onion & Parmesan and Spanish with Chorizo Mini Fritters – all of which contain no artificial colours or flavours and are gluten free.
Snap-frozen, giving the products a shelf life of 12 months, the Finger Food range can be easily prepared with a microwave, grill, hotplate or conventional oven, helping make catering a much simpler task, regardless of equipment available. Risk is also reduced by removing the need to handle raw eggs, a particular challenge for kitchens that need to produce a large volume of egg dishes quickly (and find the time for the clean up afterwards!).
“Caters and those in the food industry work in a demanding environment with time pressures and high expectations for quality, easy to eat and tasty food. Our Finger Food is a great development that will help caters save time on labour and offer their clients different menu alternatives,” continues Mr O’Hara.
“The range is perfect to serve on their own or can be adapted into simple yet impressive creations, such as pulled pork and egg pies or Caesar salad cups, which will surely please the crowd.”
“Party pies and spring rolls no longer meet all customer demands or suit all occasions. There are increasingly events that require a healthier, fresher alternative to the same-old solutions.”

The Finger Food range is ideal for private caterers, function venues, pubs, stadiums, and larger mainstream events.

To find out more about Sunny Queen Meal Solutions’ Finger Food range, or to browse through the range of recipe suggestions, visit:

About Sunny Queen:
Sunny Queen Australia is one of Australia’s leading suppliers of fresh farm eggs and egg products, and is owned by Australian farmers.
About Sunny Queen Meal Solutions:
Sunny Queen Meal Solutions produce a range of quality award winning egg products for commercial use that eliminate the need to use raw eggs. The innovative and delicious products are simple to prepare making it easier for commercial kitchens to deliver satisfying, tasty and cost effective egg dishes.

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