Golden Bean

September 4, 2015

Super Cupping

SUPER! Cupping in the Garage  24 | 9 | 15

This is a new initiative by the team at Cafe Culture International to assist roasters to efficiently cup and source new coffees. This exciting event will include 8 leading green bean coffee wholesalers and over 50 coffees. In addition, this event will also include a temperature profiling workshop from Rancilio and filter workshop with Brendan Baxter, innovator of the Brewover. This event will also host the first Sydney public demonstration of the new Trinity One.

Cupping line up will be released in the next week.

Where & When:
Grinders Garage
204 Norton St Leichhardt
24th September 2015 at 5.30pm

Please RSVP: by 22nd September 2015

Featured Green Bean Suppliers:
Bean Green
FTA Specialty Coffee
Crop Del Monte
Ninety Plus
First Crop

Light refreshments provided

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