December 20, 2017

TRENDING CAFES Brisbane & Beyond

Ever been desperate for a good coffee and didn’t know where to go? As a newbie in town or a local who’s in an unfamiliar ‘burb, this can be a serious problem, if you’re the slightest bit fussy about your coffee.

Your problem is now solved!

TRENDING CAFES Brisbane & Beyond features 100 great cafes in Brisbane and along the coastal strip from Noosa to Ballina. And the best bit is, there’s a free coffee at each, if you own a copy of the book. With a price tag of $25 and worth up to $400 in free coffee, it’s the perfect gift for someone who loves coffee.

This new book is the latest publication by Christine and Paul at Coffee Education Network. Email or call 0407 021 220 for your copy.

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