August 17, 2017

Understanding and Controlling the Variables

A Masterclass event – ‘Understanding and Controlling the Variables’  was held Friday, 11 August 2017 hosted by Seven Miles Coffee Roasters, Sydney.

“A key part of our values is being honest, transparent and sharing information with our peers,” said Jordan Montgomery, a member of the ONA Coffee team. “This way, we can raise the global standard of coffee together and create a difference for those at origin. Events like this enable us to meet with our industry friends, discuss our experiences and experiments and progress together as a community.”

The event, coordinated by Bombora Coffee Supplies, Seven Miles Coffee Roasters and ONA Coffee, included three of ONA Coffee’s key figures, who gave talks on different aspects of specialty coffee.

Hugh Kelly, two time Australian Barista Champion, spoke about distribution tools and extraction theory. In the lead up to the event, he tested the ONA Coffee Distributor (OCD) tool, which Sasa designed in the lead up to the WBC in Seattle, against other distribution methods. “There is a lot of controversy around at the moment regarding distribution tools,” said Montgomery. “So we conducted a few experiments over the past few weeks and presented the results/data at Seven Miles as a way to initiate more discussion.” Hugh’s talk was about distribution techniques and especially about the ways in which they are tested, how you control the variables during testing and how to best interpret the data.

Sasa Sestic, World Barista Champion 2015, spoke about different fermentation techniques and increasing the quality of coffee at farm level. As a farm owner and producer, Sasa has had to deal with a number of problems and is increasingly finding that controlled fermentation techniques is consistently increasing the flavour quality of coffees. His talk was about the global coffee chain and community, as well as different variables involved with coffee production and processing. In particular, he spoke about how to understand these variables and how controlling them in the right way gives us better quality in the cup.

Sam Corra, World Brewers Cup 2017 Runner-Up, spoke about the ‘Road to Budapest’ – how he as a roaster, brewer and coffee professional in general developed and changed over a 9-month period and the lessons he learned along the way. His covered topics such as how he chose his coffee, travelling to origin, creating a presentation, understanding water, building water (adding minerals to distilled water in measured amounts), chemical analysis, selecting equipment (cones, grinder, filter paper etc) and just how he viewed himself as a coffee brewer, all the way from regionals to the world stage. What Sam really wanted to communicate in this talk was that the experience of coffee is vastly more important than just having the best or most expensive coffee. His performance at Budapest explored the key factors in creating this experience, from microclimate, processing, brewing technique and brewing water.

ONA Coffee is planning more Masterclass events in the near future.


For More Information Contact:

Jordan Montgomery

Marketing and Media Coordinator

ONA Coffee | Project Origin

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