September 14, 2017

“What is the link between sports cars, flying elephants, and coffee?”

This very left field and obtuse question is likely to provoke many different waves of thought and as a consequence, responses across the general public and interested sub groups such as European high performance sports car enthusiasts, coffee geeks and hipsters, and those who adore or admire wild life from the dark continent and the exotic regions of Asia, Asia Minor and South East Asia. Perhaps a broadly acceptable and simple short form answer is that all of these things are very very cool.

A more unique and colourful long form response would be provided by Todd Hiscock the CEO of the Australian, New Zealand and international coffee business the Essential Coffee Group, as he leads you down a mystical journey into the wonderfully unique and colourful history of the French coffee machine manufacturer Reneka. Reneka has been hand crafting its barista coffee machines from their factory near the small hidden village in the beautiful north-eastern French town of Obernai in the picturesque Alsace region of France since 1936.

But what of the sports car you ask. If you enjoy cruising the roads in a high performance sports car you may be interested to learn that the original Reneka factory initially undertook chrome works on Bugatti sports cars, chrome exhausts and then in 1932 the owner who loved espresso coffee nearly as much as Bugatti sports cars decided to branch off into the manufacturing of handmade high quality barista coffee machines. Ah ha!

And what of the elephants, the flying elephants, you may ask. Well, Monsieur René Kauss had a great passion for travel to locations the French viewed as mystical and exotic. Whilst traveling he fell in love with that most majestic and wondrous of creatures, the elephant. As a consequence, of his love affair with international travel to exotic and wild places and his tremendous admiration of those wonderful creatures, he created the flying elephant logo, an elephant with wings and made it the logo of his beloved and unique Reneka coffee machines.

And now you know the more detailed answer to this strange question about a link between sports cars, coffee and flying elephants, then you may also like to know more about these unique machines.

The Reneka barista coffee machines are proudly hand made in France, as they have always been, using quality materials and component parts. They offer unique features within their range that can turn a non-barista into a very good one, who can readily create a consistently good coffee without being a master barista. How do they do this? They have a unique and patented piece of technology called the Aroma Perfect Head. This tricky device self-tampers the coffee removing one of the human error elements often reasonable for a bad tasting coffee. Another feature is the barista steam option, which reduces the likelihood of poor milk work by an untrained barista.

Clearly these features may not appeal to the coffee purists who love to drive a manual coffee machine. But, hey, that is ok, as Reneka also create high quality hand crafted coffee machines sans the Aroma Perfect Head and Barista Steam, which will also pander to the requirements of the most discerning highly trained barista.

So in future when you are thinking about top quality hand crafted European designed and manufactured equipment that is very cool, like a French Bugatti sports cars, a British Rolls Royce or Aston Martin, an Italian handcrafted push bike such as a Colnago, and many Swiss watches, then perhaps you might also think of the French Reneka and its flying elephant.

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