April 30, 2013

Cows and Coffee

This story goes back to the mid 1990s.

I approached long time friend Grant Tulloch for a cartoon to promote my café, aptly called the Udder Cow, located in Comboyne, a small village surrounded by farms and Friesian cows.

Tully, as he is also known, had long been sketching people in the Hunter Valley (near Newcastle), where he worked as an electrician on large electric shovels and earth moving machinery.

One day at work, one of the employees pulled the wrong lever on the equipment, and the incident turned out to be a two million dollar mistake. Tully was asked to draw what happened as a cartoon, to make everyone aware of the inherent dangers and how to avoid them happening again in the future.

It worked so well, that Tully was then approached to draw a regular series of cartoons depicting workplace accidents and OH&S situations, to raise awareness of the incidents commonly experienced in the mines.

After a 20-year career as an electrician, Tully then left the mines and turned his hand to cartooning full-time. In part, this was a form of art therapy and also to aid the process of growth and healing in his own life.

The satire used in many cartoons didn’t fulfil his urge to make a difference, yet the idea of conveying an aware view of life did. By mixing art with his own kind of personal therapy, he began to rise above his challenges.

Over time, he developed a unique insight into the human condition, exploring the patterns in human behaviour that we repeat and often carry with us from childhood into our adult lives. His unique interpretation from a cartoonist perspective puts a new spin on how people tend to follow in their family’s footsteps or in other words, follow the herd.

In 1999 Tully drew his first Guru Moo, to help him begin the process of rising above a low point in his life. He spent the next 10 years perfecting his message. The “Guru Moo” that knew and the “You that wasn’t so sure” came together as one.

Today, Tully incorporates this as part of a teacher-training program called Guru Moo & You. The program helps primary aged children, teachers and families to better understand issues like bullying and peer pressure that can have a profound affect on a child’s learning and personal growth.

By following the expert opinion of top child psychologists, Tully has tailored his program to maximise results.

After 10 years of visiting schools and gaining feedback, the program has been fine-tuned. It now gives children the framework to enable their own questions and answers, helping them come to the realisation that the Guru Moo is, in fact, You!

As Einstein said, “…the problems we face today cannot be solved at the level to which they were created”. Guru Moo takes us to the level where we find solutions, not more problems.

The program makes learning fun and offers a whole school response, including a necessary framework and a balanced reference point for everyone.

In other work, Tully has also illustrated over 15 books on the Secrets to Success series by Dale Beaumont and cartooned for the National Schools Network on the popular 16 Habits of Mind series. He is well placed to give a unique perspective to people from all walks of life, including the corporate world.

Tully is eager to share his program with any school that is serious about better learning attitudes to life.


Parents can buy his educational program online at       or ask their school to contact TullyVision Cartoons at 0400 278 598.


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