August 2, 2013

Kenny Corbin

It was nearly 14 years ago when I first met Ken whilst I was doing some work with Mocopan Coffee as a trainer. This fun loving character made me laugh within seconds of meeting him, and he still has the same humorous nature where he is today in his latest role at Mocopan as a National Field Manager.

Ken started as a delivery driver in 1994, under the Dimattina family before the Cerebos purchase. He worked his way through many sales positions to where he is today in a national role. Ken has been responsible for many of the positive moves that Mocopan has made within its coffee business over the years in this ever changing industry.  He is a straight shooter when it comes to sales and has won the respect of many in the industry for his unique and upfront approach. Mocopan is part of Cerebos, which has many coffee businesses in its portfolio, here and in New Zealand. Ken has the knack of looking at all of the company’s business concepts and leveraging them through his knowledge and also to communicate the positives to his team and customers.

Ken has seen many changes in the coffee industry over the past 18 years and has kept up with the consumer coffee movement. He still enjoys getting behind the machine when it gets busy with his multitude of talents. He has enjoyed being able to mix it with the best baristas in the world, with guys like Gwillym Davies and his co worker and latte art champion Habib Maarbani, learning their skills. Ken’s best asset is that he is a team player and also knows how to be a leader when called upon.

Ken has just come through a bit of a rough year with some inherited health issues, but getting back to work was the medicine he needed for a quick recovery. The Mocopan team are highly skilled and passionate people, and with Ken’s ability to be a motivator and a communicator, this keeps the ship running in a straight line. Ken is based in Brisbane and well known around Southern Queensland and has helped hundreds of coffee professionals in their businesses over his long coffee career. Thanks Ken, for giving so much back to the industry during your career. We look forward to having you as a close friend of the Café Culture team for many more years.

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