April 26, 2013



Australia’s godfather of Italian cuisine, Stefano Manfredi, and leading coffee roaster Wayne Archer have launched a new family of blends for Espresso di Manfredi. The chef and the coffee blender have reunited again to translate their ideas, following the launch of Classico in 2000. Now the duo have released Audacia (bold) and Chiaro (delicate), along with beautifully reimagined packaging and a range of Ceramica di Manfredi celebrating the essence of sprezzatura.

Manfredi says:

“With Classico we created the perfectly balanced Italian coffee. Wayne has been able to interpret perfectly my vision for two new flavours to round off our coffee family.”

Chiaro, a more citrus based coffee with honey on the nose, possesses sensations of chocolate and vanilla and top notes of orange peel, perfectly balanced with a cherry-like finish. At the heart of the blend is lightly roasted, high grown Papua New Guinean coffee.

Audacia has a rich, tangy, syrupy nature with dried fruits in its character. The essence of the coffee enhances the richness of the fruit and carries a lot of punch that cuts through the milk. The blend has complex Sumatran and Indian Arabicas and a touch of Kenyan darkly roasted to cut through the milk. Classico, the original blend, is a fine, complex coffee with full body, balanced fruit and acid tones and a long, lingering, chocolaty finish.

Screen Shot 2013-04-26 at 3.23.32 PM

Archer says:

“It was intriguing and curious to hear Stefano’s descriptions of what I would call body or acidity. He would say something different to my coffee jargon. It was always an interesting exchange of views.”

Manfredi and Archer both speak the language of flavour. Manfredi was virtually weaned on coffee, living above a café in the town of Gottolengo in Lombardy, before migrating with his parents from Italy to Australia.

Archer is the master blender and roaster in Australia for D.E Coffee & Tea, the third biggest coffee company in the world.


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