April 26, 2013

Sweet Success

280 Australians are diagnosed with Diabetes every day, with over 1,000,000 Australians already diagnosed to date. With the growth rate of this disease, it is estimated 3.3 million Australians will have type 2 Diabetes by 2031. In 2009, Natvia co-founder Samuel Tew began his journey to incite a worldwide health revolution to change the way consumers live their lives by inspiring them with his innovative 100% natural sweetener.

Sam’s creative discovery began with his wife’s development of Gestational Diabetes when pregnant with one of their three sons. Changing the way Sam’s wife had to consume sugar began extensive research into what options were available to her and what was a healthy and convenient substitute. With a wide variety of sweetener products on the market, Sam assumed any of these would be perfect, but he, like many consumers, was mistaken. Upon consulting their pediatrician, it was recommended that Sam’s wife should avoid sweetener products due to artificial additives. Some scientific studies associate artificial sweeteners with causing headaches, gastric problems, cancer risks and developmental problems in children and fetuses. Sam searched for safer and more natural options for his wife, but was shocked to find there were none.

Not only was Sam concerned for his wife’s wellbeing, but he was also concerned with the lack of healthy sugar free choices for the everyday consumer, as well as ones tackling Diabetes. In Australia, the average consumer has 20 teaspoons of added sugar a day, which is over three times the recommended amount. In recent studies, sugar has been associated with other serious health issues, such as heart disease and obesity. This led Sam on his journey to create Natvia, a company that would provide consumers with a totally natural great tasting and convenient option, but without the dangerous additives.

Natvia was the answer. Sweet and 100% natural, this product provides the consumer with a healthy alternative to sugar. After significant research and development, Sam created this revolutionary sugar free natural stevia sweetener – a sweetener perfectly crafted to complement coffee. This unique sugar-free sweetener offers a “guilt-free” choice for consumers who want a balanced diet and Diabetics who don’t want to compromise on taste.

“It’s pretty incredible,” Sam says, “because it’s a natural low calorie sweetener, but there are no artificial sweeteners in it. In fact, there’s less than ¼ of a calorie in a serve, compared to sugar, which has 16 calories.”

Sam, however, has bigger dreams than just a natural sweetener: “Natvia inspires people to be healthier, because they realise that if they can change one small thing easily, changing other parts of their life becomes easier too, like including exercise in their week and eating nutritious wholefoods,” Sam states. Sam doesn’t just preach a healthier life, but lives it himself. As a martial artist with a health conscious chef wife, Sam makes healthy choices every day for himself and his family. Sam doesn’t claim to be a food scientist, but an everyday health conscious individual who wants to give the public the same choices that he wants.

Natvia has been an opportunity for Sam to give something back to the community. His company is a platform upon which he has been able to put out his positive affirmations on living, that he wishes to share with his customers. Sam wants Natvia to break the conventions of the corporate structured food companies and create more of a personal bond and relationship with its consumers, because to Sam, this a personal venture. He prides himself on creating a company that truly listens to its customers – adjusting product taste profiles based on consumer feedback to better suit their tastes and needs. The product range not only includes sweetener sticks for tea and coffee, but also a baking pack that allows people to use Natvia in everyday cooking and baking. Natvia’s mission is to change lives, not just satisfy a craving.

With a dedicated customer service team, Sam’s staff is available to answer queries and introduce clients to Natvia as a solution to their sugar concerns in a friendly and informal manner. Sam believes the company’s employees are a family, and his goal is to have consumers who choose to buy Natvia sweetener as an extended part of that family too. As a family, the customers should be treated no differently to how you would treat your siblings or parents, always looking out for their best interests. The health and wellness of Natvia’s consumers is Sam’s upmost priority.

However, a lot has changed since 2009. Natvia has gone mainstream, and major media outlets are giving serious attention to disease that is linked to excessive sugar consumption. The Australian Dietary Guidelines released this February have also recognised the harmful effects of over consumption of sugar, recommending much lower intakes. Sam’s dreams are beginning to come true, with thousands around the globe aspiring to live a healthier life, and many more inspiring their loved ones to be healthier too. We are creating a health revolution: Diabetics, bakers, health professionals and health conscious consumers cannot stop raving about Natvia!

Coffee industry experts around the world have also embraced Natvia. Australia’s well-known specialty roasters and growers, Toby’s Estate, recommend Natvia to customers looking for a sugar replacement. “We recommend Natvia for its cleaner and more natural flavour profile to enhance, not overpower, their coffee,” says Andrew Low.

Of course, it’s not just the taste that baristas love, but also the benefits of being able to serve and enjoy a better alternative to artificial sweeteners and sugar. The most acclaimed coffee roasters and cafés are now serving Natvia to their customers, worldwide!

Natvia has a long-term relationship with coffee as a title sponsor of the World Barista championships. Last year Natvia gave one lucky winner an all expense paid trip to watch the baristas battle for the world champion title in Vienna. This year, the event will take place as part of the world coffee Expo in Melbourne at the end of May. Natvia is holding the same competition this year to send someone to Melbourne to show him or her the best of coffee culture in their own city.

Sam says, “We recognise that Melbourne is full of coffee lovers, and a great way of getting our message out there is to participate in these significant events. The Barista Championship is all about celebrating the best of coffee, and Natvia sweetener we believe is a big part of that.”

Natvia will be the sponsor and host of the Sweet Fantasy after party for the World Barista Championship from 22nd to 26th of May, to celebrate Melbourne’s vibrant coffee culture..

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