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May 14, 2015

Warm up with exquisite white chocolate


Enjoy it Hot

With a distinct and unique flavour of creamy white chocolate, The Art of Blend Exquisite White Chocolate is a profitable premium beverage powder. A classic blend of white chocolate flavour combined with the mouth feel and creaminess of a top-rate beverage, Exquisite White Chocolate is enjoyed both cold and hot. Being part of the versatile beverage range from The Art of Blend, this exquisite white chocolate powder is ideal for building creative and mouth-water beverages. Entering into the colder months add a range of hot white chocolate beverages such as white chocolate lattes, hot white chocolates and white chocolate mochas. As well as offering the uniqueness of the white chocolate flavour this beverage base goes well with the addition of flavouring syrups to create a beverage that feels unique to your customers – white chocolate almond latte for example. This Exquisite White Chocolate beverage powder is a perfect base for building premium gourmet beverages, which produce a flavour that will linger long after the beverage is finished.

White Chocolate Almond Latte

Instructions for a 8oz/235ml serving

Add 1 scoop (40g) of Exquisite White Chocolate beverage powder, 1 shot of expresso coffee and 15ml of almond syrup to 1 cup of hot milk. Stir lightly until powder is fully dissolved and decorate as desired.


40g Exquisite White Chocolate Powder
1 shot expresso
15ml Almond syrup
1 cup hot milk


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