June 8, 2012

Anfim Grinder

In the rock world of coffee we look starry eyed at the lead espresso machine that sits pride of place on the espresso bar while the busy Barista chooses a stance directly behind it as affirmation … But what about the drummer of a Grinder dictating the tempo?

So, we had our cause to name a grinder The Special 450 BARISTA. Now we needed our supplier ANFIM to deliver the rest…

Espresso Company Australia has been importing traditional espresso gear for over 12 years of which, ANFIM, who manufactures grinders in Milan has shared a baker’s dozen with us. Led by Signore Monfrini the company have been hand building coffee grinders without compromise for 50 years.

The canvas was already primed with the Super Caimano BARISTA model, a timed low rpm (800) 0.6 Hp flat burr grinder that was developed from the demand of the North American Specialty Coffee scene and has even ended up in a couple of WBC champions travelling cases. The need for freshly ground on demand coffee portions is aided by an Omron timer for ease of use. The Titanium-nitride coated 75mm flat burr blades maintain optimum cutting surface sharpness and a factory fitted cooling fan circulates internal airflow which has all contributed to our purpose build S450 unit.

And don’t get me started on the ANFIM dosing chamber… an obsessive compulsive friendly dosing mechanism, internationally recognised by those wanting to see a cone of uniformly ground coffee centered within  (not to the left of) the portafilter basket. It’s barista porn!

So what we asked for when cornering Signore Monfrini at the HOST 2011 Expo in Milan, was a grinder that made no sense! The brief was a high volume flat burr grinder with even lower revs that stayed cool in summer and wouldn’t wake the neighbours up early in the morning.

In principle the concept was completed at HOST around the table and we even had time to entertain questions from a couple of Anfim proud Russian baristas who were preparing for their National Barista Championships. What we would be expecting is a 1 hp motor with the torque to spin special titanium-nitride coated flat burr blades with increased cutting surface at 450 rpm and dual in/out fans. The Omron timer and the general cosmetic of the BARISTA would be maintained.

What was developed 6 months after testing was exactly that! A grinder that can be introduced into a high volume cafe while maintaining minimal heat retention and consistent volumes of grounds dispensed. Grind volumes are repeated within 1 g and the temperature of the dosed ground coffee at the peak of morning service is all factored in less grind adjustments and consistent pour times.

Over the last couple of months we have presented the concept to industry for feedback and fine tuning. I await the roll out of our Special 450 Barista once Signore Monfrini emails me with his favoured accompanying words “in exceptional way” to indicate our combined achievement.


• Titanium long-life special 75 mm flat burrs
• Engine power 1 hp – 450 revs/min with overload protection and a second outside electrical with fuse
• Coffee-bean hopper capacity ± kg. 2
• Dimensions 195 x 360 x 620 H
• Digital Omron timer with incremental adjustment to 100/second for precision dose setting
• Push-button for manual grinding
• Dual cooling fans
• Available colour: silver

To find out more contact Espresso Company Australia on t. 1300 326 326 or visit them at

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