July 18, 2014

Axil Coffee Roasters – Cafe Review

76 Flinders Lane, Melbourne CBD, VIC
 (03) 9819 0091

Yes, it’s another arrow in the quiver for the fast moving Axil Coffee machine. This inner city espresso bar is typical of Dave Makin’s mindset, built on style and practical ergonomics. The pimped up Kees Van der Westen Spirit coffee machine is the hero in the space and is overlooked by a beautiful mural of a gorgeous girl staring down at you.
The morning trade was frantic for a business that was just two weeks old. The espresso bar is true to its name, with great quality coffee, a small well selected batch of cakes and muffins – not too complicated, with quick service. The bar has a great vibe and early in the morning the light was quite low and the atmosphere was warm and cozy, which did not shock the sleepy body too much whilst I waited for my first brew of the day. And of course, this was beautifully presented by head barista Kristy, who has worked at all the other Axil sites learning from the Melbourne coffee masters.
The New look Axil espresso bar had some new installations, including a new prototype brew bar to handle the filter selection and a milk Juggler system from Six Simple Systems, which delivers fresh milk to the barista by its own refrigerated milk font system. It is typical Axil design utilising the latest technology.
Already the inner city coffee lovers have sniffed out this location, and the morning coffee trade is building. The early morning all girl team made for a more pleasurable cup, with lots of smiles and great girly precision in the coffee delivery.
I was lucky to be present at the café when the fresh cakes arrived, and I was soon tucking into a lush raspberry muffin as a pre breakfast first course. All the cakes are fresh baked daily and are well displayed on some cool designed cabinets.
The espresso bar has been set up with a good range of retail coffee for sale, so customers can get their weekly fresh coffee fix up with some helpful tips from the professional staff.
Café Culture tick of approval; good work, team Axil.
Open: Mon – Fri: 7am – 4pm. Closed Sat and Sunday.


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