November 27, 2014

Barry Café

When you think you have seen it all in café world in Melbourne, you stumble unexpectedly on this gem. Barry Coffee and Food is an amazing creation that would appease the hardest hospitality critic.

The coffee service is stylish and quick from the six group Synesso that we personally experienced being assembled a while back, during a Synesso factory tour in Seattle.

It was a very hot day, so we also tucked into a cold drip made on coconut water served with coconut cream – very refreshing, yet strong enough to appease the caffeine craving.

I was not really that hungry until I saw the exciting menu, and I again gorged myself on a baguette filled with crispy prawns and pickled vegies with Kewpie Japanese mayo. My business partner in crime on the day also tucked into a pulled lamb salad of crumbed cauliflower with horseradish and mustard cream. The rest of the menu was simple but very exciting, making you book a return visit to continue the eat-fest.

There are lots of raw and super foods on the menu for the health conscious. You feel inspired to eat healthy when you see the fast moving attractive young crew of floor staff getting on with their jobs efficiently in this very busy work environment.
The café is open plan, with the central coffee/drink station being the feature of the design. We were there mid-week, and it was still a short waiting time, which will change as more people discover this mecca of food and beverage. Weekends would be manic, as all the many residents of this area come and settle in for a chilled weekend of coffee and brunch.

The café is the mastermind of the same team from the successful Richmond Business Pillar of Salt. It has been designed by Techne Architects, well known as the Melbourne masterminds of design.

The café utilises lots of natural light and the high ceiling gives the feeling of space. They have also created some indoor gardens in the space, making sitting indoors very pleasant.

This café is worth a short trip into the suburbs to experience a business built around quality and efficient café service that will leave you with a good reason for a return visit again and again.

Open seven days – breakfast and lunch.
A: 85 High Street, Northcote
P: (03) 9481 7623

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