January 29, 2015

Black Coffee Lyrics

Checked out some Cafes in Surfers Paradise in the last couple of days with some ok finds, however there was one that stood out for me…

‘Black Coffee Lyrics’ was as close as you would get if not on par with some of the top cafes in Melbourne.

Speaking to Nick (Cafe Owner) he gave me an insight into his unique cafe where the style and feel of this place did not suit the Beach Culture environment – but somehow it just worked!!!

The success to this cafe came to me like a mathematical equation:
Align your self with a good consistent roaster (they use locally based Moonshine Roasters)
+ Get your coffee right
+ Customers migrate for the experience of great consistent Coffee
+ Reputation increases which attracts great chefs and wait staff from around the region
= Which equals a successful & sound cult following cafe…

Ps: Even the Dark Knight himself was seen quietly sitting in the corner having an appropriately Black Coffee, – Lyrically speaking…


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