May 20, 2013

Coffee Notes

Browse the judges’ notes on 9 great coffees. Café Culture’s panel of judges have critiqued these coffees to bring you some unique examples of fine Australian coffee roasting. All coffees were evaluated first as espresso and then as milk-based.

Wagonga Coffee – Ethiopian Sidamo ‘Guji’
This exceptional coffee makes a full bodied, spicy and fragrant espresso with the distinct flavour of blueberries and an earthy, dark chocolate finish. With milk, the dark chocolate undertones follow through, finishing with a slight caramel aftertaste.

Bruno Rossi – Caffe Uno
This medium roast is inspired by traditional Italian coffees. As an espresso, the blend produces a chocolaty, almost winey flavour with a touch of acidity, leaving a pleasant smoky finish on the palate. With milk, it takes on sweetness with a slight caramel flavour to finish.

Volere Espresso – V2
A tangy, bright cup with fruity sweetness, hazelnut and a hint of cocoa. This coffee makes a velvety, medium bodied espresso with a well rounded mouth feel and pleasant finish. The chocolate and hazelnut persist to deliver enough edge to cut through the milk.

Dancing Bean Espresso – Ethiopian Sidamo-4 Pulped Natural Organic
This lively coffee stands out for its full berry fruit flavours. With good sweetness and smooth body, the espresso is syrupy with a lingering chocolate finish – nicely balanced. With milk, the coffee has a full, creamy body; the berry notes cut through the milk for a unique flavour, to finish with a mocha aftertaste.

Hudsons Coffee – Hudsons Premium Blend
As an espresso, this coffee is bright and zesty on the front palate with a hint of cocoa and vanilla to follow through. With good body and full flavour, the milk coffee is sweet with a dark chocolate finish – nicely balanced.

Caffissimo – San Marco
Sweet toasty aromas make way for a strong and robust coffee. Nice, clean, citrus acidity and rich, heavy body finishes with honey and chocolate notes. With milk, the flavours persist, with a long mellowing aftertaste.

Peak Coffee – Premium Blend
This coffee presents as clean and balanced with notes of spice and nuts. Soft acidity, a syrupy body and a lovely dark chocolate character that continues through to a long finish. Works well as espresso or milk based beverage.

Yahava Koffee Works – Espresso – Bold
A medium to full-bodied dark roast, classic of Italian style coffee. Nutty aroma and flavour with a syrupy mouth feel and a hint of deep berry with a caramel sweet aftertaste. This coffee carries enough punch to cut through the milk and maintain a lingering choc caramel finish.

Barossa Coffee Roasters – Uganda Organic Mt Elgon Grade A (Single Origin)
With low acidity, this coffee has an intense full body, rich in flavours of roasted malt and a hint of tropical fruits. It is well balanced with a lovely smooth finish. This coffee also performs well with milk, giving a predominant sweetness of candied fruits. Overall, an excellent cup.

Brent Williams – AASCA Accredited Barista Judge
Franki Shi – Current NSW Cup Tasting and Latte Art Champion
Sasha Jade – CEO of Coffee Logic and Founder of Fat Poppy Specialty Coffee
Instaurator – Director of Espressology, Specialty Coffee Contract Roaster

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