December 15, 2014

Coffee Notes

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Browse the judges notes on 5 great coffees. Café Culture’s panel of judges have critiqued these coffees to bring you some unique examples of fine Australian coffee roasting. All coffees were evaluated first as espresso and then as milk- based.





Toby’s Estate – Woolloomooloo Blend

Woolloomooloo Blend maintains a very good body, an earthy round mouthfeel with cocoa and a hint of stone fruit sweetness similar to that of a plum creating a unique balance as a delicate yet daring espresso. The addition of milk highlights the depth of this coffee with hints of maple syrup and hazelnut.

Elixir Coffee – Narciso Blend

The Narciso blend has a very enticing aroma and is a very pleasant drinking espresso with a syrupy full body and orange marmalade sweetness. Works well with milk based coffee as the balanced espresso cuts through to deliver milk chocolate and caramel tones.

D’ Angelo Coffee – Blend 1

The aroma of cherries entices you for more of this espresso, soft across the pallet the syrupy bold body holds the full length and the espresso is balanced by a sweetness which completes this diverse yet well rounded espresso. Through milk the dry acidity compliments the body of this coffee perfectly with almond and caramel characteristics.

Roasted Addiqtion – Wild Child

A lively espresso which coats the full pallet, with a golden syrup sweetness and well balanced nectarine stone fruit acidity. The Pure blend is a great choice as either an espresso or milk based coffee with caramel flavours found in the espresso turning into soft toffee tones through a creamy milk based coffee finishing with a slight tobacco aftertaste.

Coffee Guru – Premium Blend

As an espresso this coffee holds a very good body throughout and has a deep berry aroma with a red grape acidity. The sweetness is enhanced with the addition of milk and delivers a hint of caramel with a hazelnut finish.



ROCKET Boxerrocketmachine
The Rocket Boxer has a clever design created by Rocket Espresso to offer all the features of a full size model in a small footprint, providing a superior choice of machine with versatility.
A well balanced unit that delivers a great espresso from its generously dimensioned internal layout in conjunction with consistently great quality hot, dry steam for milk based coffees thanks to the large 13.2 litre boiler inside.
The BOXER 1 and 2 group machines offer the following key features:
Features include
• 2.1 kg semi saturated group head
• Wear resistant and illuminated individual touchpad keys
• Big 13.2 litre (2 group) boiler for loads of dry steam and hot water
• Microprocessor controlled electronics
• Manual Override Button to operate group solenoid and pump in case of electronic component failure
• Heavy duty cast alloy side panels which offer a quality finish and look on the bench
• Cool-touch steam wands
• Automatic Back Flush cycle
• Temperature adjustable hot water valve for tea or long black coffees
• Available in two drip tray heights: Standard 96 mm and Low 112 mm clearance
• All stainless steel body work (AISI304) quality
• Dimensions: 2 group model – W: 630 x D: 490 x H: 471

ANFIM Super Caimano 75
Programmable “On Demand” grinder

The Anfim range is fast becoming the grinder of choice and is now used by many of the world’s best baristas at international competitions, as well as by specialty coffee roasters, espresso bars and cafés.
Features Include
• Precision and ultimate cup quality via 75mm titanium blades, remaining sharp for blade longevity up to 2,500 kg of coffee.
• Incremental adjustments to 1/10th of a second changes to the programmable single and double dose grind time.
• Operating and grinding at a low revolution speeds of 800 rpm, which means it is very quiet and allows the grinder to maintain a cooler temperature while under maximum demand
• Net weight 16 kg
• Dimensions (cm) 195 W x 360 D x 570 H
• Motor = 0.60 Hp (448 watts) 800 rpm
• Hopper 2 kg +/-
• Power 240 V – 10 amp (Single Phase)
• Rear fan for cooled motor and internals
• Automatic electronic timer to obtain single and double dose settings. Adjustable to within 1/10th of a second.

Our Judges

ECAjudgesLeft to Right

Kim Dafter – Barista Trainer
Tony Macri – Coffee brothers
Mark Tyler – Coffee brothers
Instaurator – Espressology


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