December 8, 2013

Fluid Espresso

What a great inner city find Fluid Espresso is. This café sits in a residential and light industrial space in the suburb of Beaconsfield in East Sydney. The café has become a favourite coffee stop for a growing crowd working in the creative spaces amongst the old warehouse precinct in Beaconsfield. The area has a large number of advertising and modelling agencies in close proximity, which has raised the standard of living in this suburb.
Fluid Espresso is a well planned café which delivers great coffee and excellent food quickly at a high quality standard. The deli cabinet is well stocked with fresh baked goodies daily and has a very homely feel to the menu.
The fitout is pretty cool, with lots of recycled wood used in the layout. There is a cozy annexe off to the side of the café where you can stretch out a newspaper and enjoy the morning sun. The recycled pallet and box wall garden gives the space a green feel perfect for the inner city escape. The day we visited I had a healthy breakfast of muesli and fruit, but could not resist the smell of warm oven baked pastry that lured me back to the counter for a sweet treat. It’s inspiring to see a café baking, instead of the same old branded menu.
The café has well trained baristas who care about the customer first, and they are not over the top with caffeinated jargon. There is a good choice of coffees run through multiple grinders, including a guest blend. There is also a good alternate beverage choice at Fluid, and the iced drink menu is one of the best I have seen to date in an independent café.
Fluid has the weekday market covered with lots of quick service items, but weekends things slow down and the brunch menu develops from week to week with seasonal produce changes. The owner of Fluid grew up in New Zealand, and there are a few clever Kiwi treats and quirky twists to the menu. I always loved New Zealand homemade relish on my breakfast, and this café does not let you down with a secret batch of the Kiwis’ best.

Open: Mon to Fri from 6am – 3pm, Sat from 7am – 3pm.

157 Queen Street, Beaconsfield, Sydney NSW    Phone (02) 9690 1445

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