August 19, 2012

Kings Cross Cafes

I still associate Kings Cross with late night kebabs, pizza by the slice and copious amounts of beer. During a more recent visit, however, I was delighted to discover a swelling of great cafés and espresso bars worth visiting.

Kings Cross is shaping up to be a trendy café precinct. Yes, The Cross does have the iconic cafés like Café Hernandez, Bar Colluzi and Tropicana close at hand, but some new kids on the block are turning a few heads. The area can still be a seedy place at night and has had some bad publicity of late. Anywhere you have strip joints, brothels and open drug abuse will attract certain elements of unsocial behaviour.

The new café scene that is emerging in the back streets and laneways of Kings Cross is bringing the locals back to this area. Let’s consider that criminals don’t like the daylight hours of café culture, so it is relatively safe to enter these new trendy establishments for a great experience. After our initial meeting with friends, for old times’ sake we decided to walk off breakfast. Based on our discoveries, we put together a photo journal of all that is good in the café industry, from Darlinghurst to Potts Point. It was impressive to see café fitouts that rivalled some of Melbourne’s cafés in their famous laneways, and we were very excited to find Llankelly Place. Last memory of this lane was to never venture too deep into its dark shadows. The lane is now a busy pathway for restaurant and café dwellers.

Some of the favourites experienced during our walk were the French inspired pièce de résistance, La Croix, with its amazing interior design putting you right in the middle of Paris. Room Ten was a very busy espresso bar, where coffee was everything to a passionate crew of baristas. A few shops away, Greek inspired Ithaka Café was doing a great job with its breakfast crowd and was the home of a few Greek goddesses on both sides of the counter. Just around the corner, Gypsy Café was pumping out some great coffees for a lineup of caffeinated corporates ready to hit the city. We had a nice breakfast at Monkey and Leo’s, not far from the Old Gazebo Hotel, and the owner was a breath of fresh air with his friendly nature.

Here at Café Culture, Kings Cross is our prediction for hot new trends for the Sydney café scene.

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