August 2, 2013

Little Birdee Espresso

Weekdays can test our patience and Monday mornings can hurt, but office dwellers are infinitely happier with a cup of creamy coffee in hand. Perched inside an office complex in a quiet pocket of South Brisbane, Little Birdee Espresso caters to local corporates with a strong focus on social and environmental sustainability and serving coffee with a focus on the coffee bean. Brewing Tim Adams Specialty Coffee from the Wolff Coffee Roastery in Brisbane, baristas Luke Fisher and Tiff Teo dedicate themselves to preparing and serving coffee to the highest standards, whilst sharing the current single origin offerings with their customers.

This South Brisbane espresso bar has only been open for a few months, but “little birdees” across Brisbane have already been chirping about the quality coffee and friendly service at this nest of delights. Having spent many years developing his knowledge at Di Bella Coffee, general manager Daylan Isai brings a wealth of experience and a passion for brewing a darn good cup.

The locally roasted, award-winning coffees are served alongside an all-day breakfast dine-in menu, plus a large range of lunch items to takeaway. Hungry patrons can pair their cuppas with the likes of a Spanish omelette, classic bruschetta or sourdough topped with avocado and fetta, or something sweet like a toasted fruit bagel with mascarpone and honey. Those in a hurry can peruse the large range of quiches, pies, cookies and wraps beckoning from the display cabinet.

Little Birdee Espresso support sustainable and ethically responsible practices. They source, create and serve food and beverages that meet their values, along with reducing, reusing or recycling waste that’s created along the way. Based on the values of integrity, sustainability and authenticity, Little Birdee Espresso has been conceptualised to deliver a high quality and efficient service within its corporate setting. For their customers, it means they can enjoy high quality food and drinks that are sustainable and through Little Birdee’s support of a local foundation, enjoying their breakfast, lunch or coffee means making a positive difference to the wider community.

Open: Monday to Friday, 6.30am to 4.00pm.

144 Montague Road, South Brisbane 4101.  Phone  0423 248 641

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