July 31, 2013

Musica – Nuova Simonelli

This machine runs very close to a single group commercial machine. It has very good extraction capabilities and good stable temperature characteristic and no real up and down temperature surfing issues. The volumetrics are very accurate, and it has great steam ability for milk frothing with the large boiler capacity. The steam valve has a lever/handle, which is a plus for good ergonomics and ease of use in the milk steaming process. The Musica looks great and even has a pimped up led lighting strip around the framework of the machine for that kitchen bling. The extras that are included: a plastic tamper, a coffee scoop and a blind filter for back flushing (cleaning) the machine.

Weight – 23 kg
Power – 240 volt – 1200 watt
Brewing system – boiler
Boiler size – 2 L
Tank size – 3 L
Start up time – 4.5 minutes
Operation – volumetric
Price – $2,200  – 1 year warranty
Colours – chrome

Espresso Mechanics
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