June 20, 2014

Review – Renault Kangoo

The new Maxi Crew will double the practicality the Kangoo offers by being able to move staff around during the working week in combination with stock, or by simply folding the rear row of seats forward into the floor, allows the usual complement of 4.0 m³ of cargo to be carried in the back.

All Kangoos come with the convenience of a sliding door on each side, so wherever you pull-up, it will be easy to unload.
Renault has structured the new Kangoo range to appeal to small business owners as much as possible.

“A small van is indispensable in business, especially within the coffee industry,” says Lyndon Healey, Model Line Manager for Renault LCV.  “We know these customers are very focused on costs, too, so we are doing our bit to help them reduce the total-cost-of-ownership, and thus improve their profitability.

The Kangoo 1.6-litre petrol manual is one of the most affordable manual transmission vans on the market, when you consider all the specifications fitted as standard.  The upgraded automatic transmission makes the 2-pedal city-friendly model the cheapest small auto van in Australia, as well. The Renault Kangoo is Europe’s biggest selling light commercial vehicle, and Renault has been the biggest selling LCV brand in Europe for 16 years in a row, so it is no surprise that Australian customers have taken to the comfortable, fun-to-drive compact van in increasingly large numbers.

The Kangoo shares its mechanical make-up with one of Renault’s people movers, so it is very car-like to drive, being quiet, smooth and easy to park, too. The compact dimensions make it easy to manoeuvre and load, and the low 1.8 m roof height means easy access to underground car parks, even with a roof rack fitted.

The Kangoo comes with all of the technology, practical equipment and safety features that are essential for a comfortable, safe and productive day behind the wheel.

Standard safety equipment includes Electronic Stability Control (ESC) with ASR (Traction Control), which detects even momentary loss of control and instantly applies individual brakes to the required wheel.

All models also feature hands-free Bluetooth® connectivity to keep business owners in touch with their clients and suppliers while they are mobile.

Best of all, Renault has paid a lot of attention to reducing the total-cost-of-ownership, so the Kangoo benefits from Capped Price Servicing for the first 3 years or 45,000 km, giving complete peace-of-mind.

All Renault Kangoos purchased before 30 June 2014 also benefit from a bonus 2 years of additional factory warranty, giving a total of 5 years or 200,000 km of cover, and there is 24/7 Roadside Assistance as well.

If that is not enough, the Kangoo is a 100% deductible investment for your business – though check with your financial advisor to be sure this applies to you.

The Kangoo continues to offer a great combination of practicality, comfort, and safety, and with its new look and even sharper starting price, the new Maxi Crew model will extend Kangoo’s reach into the compact van market. It provides a perfect solution for customers who combine work with an active outdoor lifestyle.They will find much appeal in the Kangoo’s practicality, and its low price.


Short-wheelbase Kangoo
The range kicks off with the feisty 79 kW 1.6-litre petrol-powered short-wheelbase Kangoo, priced from $19,990, complete with 5-speed manual transmission and space for 3.0 m³ of stock or gear in the rear.
Short-wheelbase Kangoo 4-speed
automatic transmission
There is also a self-shifting 4-speed automatic transmission version of this model for $22,990. The short-wheelbase models come with dual barn doors at the rear, or the option of a one-piece lift-up tailgate.
Long-wheelbase Kangoo Maxi and Maxi Crew
If you need more space in the back, the long-wheelbase Kangoo Maxi comes with a responsive 1.5-litre turbo-diesel engine, with 81 kW and 240 Nm of torque. This engine is incredibly frugal, using only 4.7-litres of diesel per 100 km, helping customers to reduce their weekly running costs.
The Maxi is mated to a 6-speed manual gearbox, and is priced from $24,990.
The Maxi Crew
The Maxi Crew with its 5-seat versatility, and many additional convenience features, is priced from $27,990.

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