July 31, 2013

Sunbeam Espresso Vita

This machine has some great features, such as a pressure gauge, stainless steel lined PID controlled thermoblock, pre-infusion features, advance programming of volumes and brew temperature settings that also can be set by user. The 360 degree movement of the steam wand is a good design, making jug position easy when steaming milk. The overfill indicator on the drip tray saves the benchtop from messy overfills. Like most of Sunbeam’s coffee systems, the machine comes with a good working manual and access to their home coffee training programs. The Espresso Vita operates on single functions; therefore, coffee and milk steaming cannot happen simultaneously with this model.

Power – 240 volt
Brewing System – thermoblock
Tank size – 2.5 L
Start up time – 5 minutes
Operation – volumetric
Approximate Price – $449 – 1 year guarantee
Accessories: Dosage spoon/tamp in one. One group handle. One double and one single non pressurised filter basket. One double and one single pressurised filter basket & 600 ml stainless steel jug.

1300 881 861

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