December 8, 2013


Nathan Wakeford, Managing Director of Somage Fine Foods, has recently opened a specialty tea bar. The aptly named “Theic”, a term used to describe one prone to the immoderate consumption of tea, is certain to delight avid tea lovers. Theic offers 25 rare specialty teas from the Chamellia Reserve Selection, an exclusive range that can be found adorning the menus of many quality-focused venues. Theic is a collaborative project between Somage Fine Foods and Insitu, a designer furniture store. The establishment of Theic comes at a definitive moment, with the growing specialty tea movement now embracing Melbourne.
“Specialty tea needed a home, a venue focused exclusively on tea, so we created it,” explains Nathan, a passionate sustainable farming advocate, vegan and purist. In establishing this pioneering concept, first-time guests will quickly notice some clear and bold distinctions from the typical café. There is no coffee machine, no flavoured teas and, perhaps more astonishing, no milk. All of the teas being served have been specifically chosen for consumption without milk, with Nathan unashamedly on a mission to “banish the white-with-one paradigm of commodity tea”. You will not find tea bags either, but the brave and curious will be rewarded with an opportunity to try some rare and exclusive teas.
The teas served at Theic have been personally sourced by Nathan, utilising the knowledge gained from his visits to more than 90 tea estates throughout China, Taiwan, Sri Lanka, India, Korea and Japan. Each tea is carefully prepared with the finest Taiwanese and Japanese handmade artisan teaware, with fresh spring water collected weekly from Mount Donna Buang. The teas served at Theic include a wild ancient black tea from Yunnan, a sumptuous high grown Nepalese white tea, enchanting Oolong teas from Taiwan and roasted wild persimmon leaves from Korea. Lovers of Chai will be well satisfied and the adventurous (and caffeine deprived) might consider Theic’s Benifuuki green tea latte. Cold-infused sparkling iced teas also provide welcome relief should you establish a thirst whilst finding parking in the nearby streets.

Open: Tues to Fri, 10am – 3:30pm  Sat 9am – 4pm.

77 Cromwell Street, Collingwood   Phone 0433 214 938

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