April 26, 2013

Toby’s Estate Asia

8 Rodyk Street, #01-03/04, Singapore, 238216
+65 6636 7629

Since its beginnings back in 1998 in Sydney, Toby’s Estate Coffee has become synonymous with sustainably traded specialty coffee. Toby Smith has now ventured into the Far East. Its Asian flagship roastery and café has gathered a solid following since its foundation in 2011. It was a great pleasure to now see this business come to fruition, as I had travelled to a trade show in Singapore with Toby 10 years ago and we could both see the opportunity for an Australian coffee concept in this growing marketplace.

Toby’s opened its doors in Singapore at a crucial time in the country’s specialty coffee development. Its team is very enthusiastic and composed of some of the best baristas and roasters in Asia. The design of the outlet is a true homage to all things coffee. Housed in a renovated warehouse by the Singapore River which, back in its heyday, actually stored coffee and cocoa. Some of the older traders in the city have stories of delivering beans there when they were young.

As you step inside, you are greeted by an actual coffee tree housed in the centre of its communal table, a huge painted mural depicting all the steps involved in creating a great cup and a 35 kg Loring roaster with a few tonnes of green beans in hessian sacks beside it.

The cement floors are reminiscent of coffee drying patios, the walls are decorated by prints of Toby’s travels around the world to origins and the colourful array of cultures connected to this industry.

The daily offering of several rotating single origins served in every conceivable brewing form make this a definite Mecca for “coffeeists”.

Toby holds onto its dedication to quality, sustainability and knowledgeable service in its arrival to Asia. Toby’s Estate in Singapore is a must visit for anyone longing for an expertly extracted espresso or carefully crafted pour over.

Toby’s currently supply a number of cafés in the country and the region, with a growing number of followers in Singapore and Asia-wide as the awareness for high quality coffee develops in the region.

There is a wide array of brunch offerings to suit your brew as well; the kitchen stays open all day.

Toby’s operating hours are Sun – Wed, 7:30am – 6pm and Thurs – Sat, 7:30 – 10pm. Australian beers and wine are also on offer, for those who need to balance out their caffeine intake.

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