July 31, 2013

Vibiemme Domo Bar Junior

This little heat exchange machine is the next step before going to a commercial coffee system. The coffee extraction is excellent, with the E61 thermo syphon design keeping brew temperature stable. The Junior has good steaming ability with its compact boiler, which has some real grunt for a little stylish HX machine. The machine has two gauges for boiler pressure and pump pressure good for the coffee geek. The footprint of the machine is much smaller than many other brands with similar style offerings, making it a great space saver in any kitchen.

Weight – 18 kg

Power – 240 volt – 1600 watt

Brewing system – copper boiler

Boiler size – 1.45 L

Tank size – 2 L

Start up time 4 minutes

Operation – Manual E61 Lever

Approximate Price – $2,295  – 1 year warranty

Colours – stainless steel.

Espresso Company Australia
PO Box 170, Terrey Hills NSW 2084
1300 326 326

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