Golden Bean

November 14, 2013

Candy Weiss – Golden Bean Barista

“There is a place where anticipation hangs in the air under a cloud of coffee. Baristas will sweat caffeine in order to reach a common goal. Who will win this year’s Golden Bean Roasters award?
I am very honoured to have participated in this event for the second year in a row. As a barista in the engine room we are all excitedly faced with the daily task; extract each espresso shot like it was your own roast. My little cups of gold whisked away ready to be sipped and smelt, judged and talked about. Was that the winner?

This year I remember extracting a shot from bag 379, it’s fragrance intoxicating. It started a buzz amongst the judges and I was asked to pull the shot again because it was so amazing. I can still smell the berries.

It was like arriving for the most exciting of school camps for this year’s event in Port Macquarie. The ever-anticipated awards night aptly being themed “Back to School.” I hope to be a part of the team again next year. It is a passionate and objective event where the experience is invaluable for any one in the industry. The people unforgettable, the coffee worth every moment we dedicate to it.”

Candy Weiss
Dimattina Coffee

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