Golden Bean

August 21, 2013

Pathy Kasiviswanathan, Elephant Hills Coffee

“Golden Bean is a great specialty coffee industry event in Australia, it brings together coffee professionals and enthusiast from across the country. The events are well organised with seminars by renowned local and international coffee experts along with opportunities to taste/judge the best coffees Australian roasters have to offer. The relaxed atmosphere at the event spread over four days with social events gives ample opportunity to market our product and spend time with the potential clients. Golden Bean is the single most important event through the years that has helped me market my direct trade green bean supplying business, majority of my current clients I first met at the Golden Bean.  Sean Edwards and his team of dedicated professionals put up a very good event year after year and their contribution to the Coffee Industry is very much appreciated. They are very friendly, helpful and have supported my direct trade venture from its inception.”

Pathy Kasiviswanathan
Elephant Hills Coffee

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