Golden Bean

December 8, 2014

Australian Winner

Eureka Coffee & Growers Espresso

Eureka Coffee Premium Espresso Blend

Mark Ryan established Eureka Coffee with his wife, Samantha (Sam) Edmonds, in 2000 – several years following the establishment of Sam’s parents’ coffee plantation in northern NSW. The couple initially focused on 100% Australian grown coffee under their Eureka Coffee label, which continues today; however, they also now offer a wide range of specialty world coffees under their Growers Espresso label.
Sam’s parents have since stopped growing coffee and have retired on plantation; however, Eureka Coffee continues to offer direct source Australian grown coffee. And it was the Eureka Coffee Premium Espresso blend which was awarded top honours at this year’s Golden Bean in the Australian Grown Milk Based Category. This blend had previously been awarded silver and gold medals in this category at the Golden Bean. The blend includes several coffees from the Byron Bay hinterland with a mix of processing styles including natural/dry process, washed, semi-washed and double pass.
Mark and Sam base their operations from their espresso bar and roastery (called Growers Espresso) in North Fitzroy – inner Melbourne. They recently expanded into the shop front next door to create extra seating and also an area for weekly cupping and other producer events. They also operate a busy coffee catering operation servicing the corporate and conference market and also serve at several farmers’ markets on weekends.
Hamish Elliott, who roasts with Mark, also collected a Bronze medal for the Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Konga entry in the Filter Category this year. It was in this category that Mark was awarded his previous Golden Bean Gold Medal back in 2011 – also with an Ethiopian Yirgacheffe.
Mark continues to be passionate about Australian grown coffee, with improvements in processing and presentation each year. He is proud to showcase his 100% Australian grown Eureka Coffee alongside some of the top specialty coffees from the world – including Ethiopia, Kenya, Central America and also from the region.
Mark and Hamish conduct free weekly public coffee cuppings at Growers Espresso – every Thursday at 12.30.

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