Golden Bean

December 8, 2014

Decaf Winner


Organic Decaf

Tastes Good. Does Good.
STREAT’s Gold Medal winning organic Peruvian decaf, seasonal Social Blend espresso (Silver ’13, Bronze ’14) and specialty single origin roasts are known in Melbourne for their quality and consistency. Their now three Golden Bean medals are just reward for good work.
And good work it is, because every bean and cup and cent produced by STREAT goes to helping young disadvantaged people. Their tag is spot on: Tastes Good. Does Good.
The work starts with “roast master” Matt Hampton and STREAT Coffee Manager, Michael Lawson, with each sack of green beans carefully sourced and roasted to showcase their unique flavours and characteristics. With a bit of help from Café Manager, Luke Whitworth, STREAT’s signature blends are created by cupping and combining single origins to achieve the best balance of flavours.
The guys also work closely with their suppliers to ensure all people involved in producing coffee are treated ethically. STREAT only uses specialty beans from small farming co-operatives and individual estates and pays fair prices.
STREAT is Australia’s only non-profit coffee roaster and has now produced over 30 tonnes of coffee!
But there is so much more to STREAT.
Since March 2010, its now five cafés, catering and coffee roasting businesses have helped fund and provide the hospitality training, life skills education and work opportunities for over 200 homeless and disadvantaged youth. Many of these amazing young people have then moved into employment or further education. These “youngstars” have also helped STREAT serve over 800,000 meals and coffees to its many wonderful customers.
Put simply, STREAT has a “business brain and a social heart”.
STREAT is continuing to grow. They are currently 70% self-funded, with a goal of being fully self-sufficient by late 2016. The coffee operation already has extra staff and increased roasting capacity and supply. In 2015 a big new roaster will arrive and their lovely little vintage Probat will be refurbished too!
Trading with STREAT is the best way you can help – every kilogram of coffee you purchase fuels the rebuilding of young lives.
Info on the Gold Medal winner
STREAT’s Gold Medal winning decaf is a 100% chemical free and certified organic Peruvian coffee produced using the Swiss Water Process. It makes a slightly sweet and well balanced cup with delicate mandarin acidity and a creamy body. Up-front chocolate flavours give way to plum, malt and a caramel finish.

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