Golden Bean

December 8, 2014

Franchise/Chain Espresso Winner

Aroma Café

Aroma Café Seasonal Blend

We are really proud to win the chain store espresso category for the second year in a row. Our focus has always been on trying to create a better blend year after year, and this award has only helped to confirm that we’re on the right track.
Aroma Café is a chain of cafés that first opened in Perth in 1996. Since then it has grown to 60 stores across WA, SA, VIC and QLD. It was founded, and is still run by, my parents: Robert and Angela Mule, and remains a family business to this day.
After working as baristas in numerous stores throughout our teens, my brother Adrian and I took on the challenge of learning to roast. Three years ago we made the decision to make the Aroma Café blend seasonal, which has allowed us to change our blend with the crop cycles as well as explore a rotating supply of coffees and origins. Our autumn blend currently consists of El Salvador, Brazilian and Ethiopian beans. We very carefully highlight the characteristics of each origin when we roast, so that each distinct flavour and attribute can come together in every coffee served in any one of our stores.
Participating in the Golden Bean has been a great and worthwhile exercise over the years, as it has allowed us to further our knowledge and skills in the pursuit of that perfect cup. We’d like to thank Café Culture as well as all of our franchise partners and suppliers that we have worked with over the years.

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