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December 8, 2014

Milk Based Winner

Uncle Joe’s Coffee – by mark leo of 3rd crack coffee brokerage

Purple Haze

Uncompromising commitment to quality – this is the core ideology behind 3rd Crack Coffee Brokerage. Quality, that resonates in every cup of Uncle Joe’s Coffee. We are the flavour explorers; we are your translators to the magic that is coffee – let us tantalise and delight your senses.
We are indebted to all the bean seekers who source this wonderfully invigorating, elevating and enlightening seed. What we do as roasters wouldn’t be possible without the screening and quality assessment done by these individuals. The secret to a good cup is to make sure the input material is of high quality. We cannot stress this enough. Any fault in a green bean translates into each and every cup.
We source our green from buyers such as Joe Hsu of Orsir Coffee, Taiwan, to whom we dedicated our brand Uncle Joe’s Coffee. We also source from new generation buyers such as Nathan James Johnston of Handpickers, Geelong and in the near future Andres of Latorre & Dutch and Sasa of Project Origin. Their work and dedication in screening out so many ordinary coffees to find us the extraordinary gems which we so desire.
Joe Hsu, one of the 11 directors of the Alliance for Coffee Excellence (Cup of Excellence) and a lifetime pioneer member, has spent over 20 years devoted to seeking the world’s finest coffees. We are honoured and privileged to be able to present some of his coffees. In fact, one of our first imports was from a farm that had just held their very first online auction for their organic coffee. Thank you Anabella Meneses of Santa Felisa; the La Organica green apple acidity will forever be our benchmark for green apple.
Nathan James Johnston, the legend behind Cartel Coffee Roasters, and his new venture Handpickers has provided us with access to some of the best Ethiopian coffees the world has seen. You will go absolutely Bonko for Banko.
We’re also very fortunate to be able to work with some extraordinarily passionate baristas and café owners. It is their skill and commitment to quality that ensures that the message of the bean, translates to the cup.
Stay tuned too as we bring in the coffees of Burundi via Ben Carlson’s Long Miles Coffee Project, as well as the progressive coffees of La Palma & El Tucan of Colombia. We’re also eagerly awaiting more news of the results on genetic testing of the Gesha varietals out of Ethiopia. We cannot wait to see how this coming season unfolds. I believe we’re all going to taste some freaking amazing, mind blowing coffees!
In Gesha we trust.
Follow our journey as it unfolds on: INSTAGRAM  #unclejoescoffee

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