Golden Bean

December 8, 2014

Pressed Filter (Espro Press) Winner

Proud Mary

Finca Santa Teresa Estribi Gesha

Proud Mary has been working directly with farmers since its inception in 2009. Often the best way of finding unique coffee is by developing great relationships with farmers and working with them year after year. Finca Santa Teresa is one of the first farms we ever went to looking for exceptional coffees, and we have never been disappointed since.
When we first went to the farm it was a small operation, owned and operated by a local family. It has since been purchased by Australian coffee legend Toby Smith. Toby has taken a farm with amazing produce and made it even better!
Nowadays we still visit regularly and are very happy with the work Toby and his team have done on the ground here. It is an exceptional piece of land right in the heart of our favourite Panamanian province, Chiriqui. Green buyer Lucy Ward dropped by earlier this year to check out some of the amazing things the team has been up too. This was the first year for Santa Teresa to try their hand at honey processing, and they approached it in a unique way producing a creamy, rich coffee with an unprecedented sweetness. The Estribi geisha perfectly encapsulates their amazing technique.
Roasting the Estribi can be challenging. It needs special care, as it is a unique honey processed coffee. With a low density, it acts like natural in the roasting drum. We found we needed to give it less heat and treat it with a gentle approach. With a soft touch you can really heighten the incredible floral character that naturally exists in this coffee.
The crew at Proud Mary is on a constant quest to find and produce the best possible coffee they can. With education at the forefront of their ethos, the Proud Mary team love to pass on their experiences and stories to their passionate customers. The customers really get a chance to connect and appreciate the long journey coffee makes from seed to cup.

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