Golden Bean

December 8, 2014

Single Origin Winner

Mocopan Coffee

Ethiopian Djimmah

Since 1954, Mocopan has been in the business of roasting and serving great coffee. We’ve carefully crafted a range of blends to suit the discerning palates of Australian coffee drinkers and have even been awarded a Gold Medal in the Milk Category of the 2008 Golden Bean for our Pasquale blend.
But as the coffee industry has evolved bringing new things to the market, so have we. Single origin coffee is one of the most exciting trends of the last decade, allowing roasters to share and truly celebrate unique coffees with their customers. And few origins cultivate coffees as unique, recognisable and simply delicious as Ethiopia.
Roasted to perfection on our 5 kg Probat roaster by Shriyans Pandit, apprentice to our master roaster Peter Stathos, this Ethiopian Djimmah is a hallmark coffee representing its incredible origin proudly. The espresso hits first with an aroma of berries and stone fruit. On the palate it bursts with juicy, sweet blueberry and lingers nice and long with its full-bodied chocolate finish.
We are privileged to work with such great coffee and love nothing more than sharing our expertise and passion with our customers. Being acknowledged with a Gold Medal in the Single Origin category at the Golden Bean is truly humbling and strengthens Mocopan’s vision of being a roaster of consistent, high quality coffee powered by a team of passionate industry professionals.

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