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The Anatomy of a Roast Profile

So … you’ve read the books, the websites and done the online roasting course, tried to follow the information and profiles presented, and your roasting machine still won’t produce the results you’re after? Having th...
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Innovation in online ordering

With the advent of the Internet, it’s now possible to put your company on the computer screen and smartphones of people all over the globe, instantly. Once upon a time, coffee roasting was a very localised service, similar to...
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How do cafés spark innovation?

Innovation in cafe design can be seen in how the design of spaces are changing and adapting to customer needs. The growing use of mobile devices now allows workers to adopt a “work from anywhere” approach. This flexibility ...
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Setting Standards & Driving Innovation

The World Barista Championships Returning from judging the World Barista Championships in Dublin, I decided to share some thoughts on the role that these events play in the ever evolving world of specialty coffee. The World Bar...
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Ground Control Coffee Silver Medal

The O.G came to fruition when we found our current organic roast just didn’t seem to have the complexity and flavours we were looking for. We went for a three bean blend with a medium roast to really highlight the flavours of...
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Peak Coffee Australia’s Methods Create Madness – Silver Medal

Espresso – Silver (Methods Create Madness) Espresso – Bronze (Goat Slayer) Milk Based – Bronze (Goat Slayer) With the success of the previous year’s silver medal winning blend, I was determined to find m...
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