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For the chocolate connoisseur

Luxuria Emporium hot chocolate is a rich, intense flavoured dark chocolate containing decadent flavours, sourced from only the finest cocoa bean plantations on the Ivory Coast. Our supreme blend of cocoa creates a delicious hot...
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Tokyo Coffee

By Luke Shilling For the last couple of years, I have been coffee consulting around the world. Every country has been a great opportunity to experience unique coffee culture and also to compare how Australia’s own style is in...
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POLL – How many baristas are employed?

Cafe Culture are conducting weekly polls, asking you things about your business. We would love your input each week on various subjects, and we will publish the results of each poll on the following week’s newsletter, wit...
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Women in Coffee – Karen Puryicky

Born in Colombia, Karen Puryicky grew up in the beautiful coffee growing region not far from Bogota called Tolima. Inevitably loving coffee from an early age, it was only upon travelling to Australia to learn English that her t...
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Lee and Me Café

Lee and Me café is located in the CBD of Wollongong. Owners, husband and wife duo, Lee and Shay Sullivan (Lee) and Benny (Me) have made a special space right in the middle of the hustle and bustle of Crown St Mall. Drawn in in...
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What are your superannuation obligations?

Super is money you pay for your workers to provide for their retirement. As an employer, you must: offer eligible employees a choice of super fund. Temporary residents are not eligible for choice of fund. pay the minimum amount...
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Key Café Trends to consider in 2017

Phillip Di Bella’s News from Above With the New Year well and truly rung in, many café owners have settled back into usual trade after the hustle of the holiday period. But what lies ahead for the industry in 2017? What ...
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