October 22, 2015

The Art of Blend recipe book

Frosty Boy Australia gives a ‘virtual’ taste of The Art of Blend via recipe book and snappy videos

Frosty Boy Australia has released the ultimate do-it-yourself recipe book, giving retailers a great new option to expand their beverage menu. The invaluable resource showcases 85 decadent and indulgent beverages, including a Gingerbread Frappe, Coconut Cherry Yoghurt Smoothie and an Almond Mocha Latte. As well as the easy-to-read instructions that can be found in the recipe book, Frosty Boy has produced a library of short step-by-step video tutorials demonstrating how to make some of the most exciting beverages. The Art of Blend is a range of versatile beverage powders that offer endless flavour and menu offerings, which can be served hot, cold, and icy to cater to every customer’s taste. Since its launch in September 2014, The Art of Blend range has been a huge hit for FrostyBoy, with more than 80 per cent of their customer opportunities coming from their beverage ranges. Felipe Demartini, General Manager Sales and Marketing for Frosty Boy Australia is excited for how the recipe book will empower beverage retailers to customise their menu versatility. “This resource will prove invaluable for those in retail and hospitality looking to get a foot over their competitors and is full of practical recipes to help you get started,” he said. “In using The Art of Blend range, our customers can provide an exquisite, quality product to their own consumers, without the burden of expensive equipment.” “The Art of Blend range is a great option for retailers looking to expand or diversify their beverage offerings, and now that’s easier than ever!” Video demonstrations, extended recipes, and other additional resources are provided via QR codes at the rear of the book, which are also available on The Art of Blend’s website.

For more information on Frosty Boy Australia visit and for information on The Art of Blend range visit


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