November 30, 2012

Life’s about to get very sweet in Waverley

For quite some time now, Sydneysiders have been able to satisfy their sweet tooth with treats from Adriano’s Sydney stores – his two patisseries in Balmain and Manly, The Star at Pyrmont, and Café Rozelle.

When deciding on the best location for his latest retail venture, pâtissier Adriano Zumbo decided it was time he reached into Sydney’s eastern suburbs, an area he once lived.

Adriano’s new shop is due to open in Waverley later this month.

As most already know, Adriano is no ordinary pâtissier. His creations are unique in concept and execution. In his pursuit of mastering the art of pastry, he has trained and worked both in Australia and France. He takes his inspiration from the world around him and uses unlikely ingredients to tell a big story through the luscious treats he creates.

Adriano’s Waverley shop will continue the Adriano Zumbo tradition.

“The space itself is quite cosy; the intention is for people to stop in and grab something delicious to take away,” Adriano explained. “Few people seem to have time to stop and sit these days; life almost seems too busy for that.”

The cabinets will be filled with a selection of tarts, pastries, breads and of course, Adriano’s delectable macarons. These will be complemented by a full range of beverages, including Mocopan coffee.

“Our partnership with Mocopan is only reasonably new,” Adriano explained. “For us it isn’t just about serving a good coffee blend; it’s also about the relationship.

“I feel like the Mocopan team is on the same page as us. As a company, they’ve been around for a while, but they continually try to improve their coffee and stay relevant, just as we do with our products. Together we are going places and delighting consumers.”

Adriano’s new shop is located at 24 Arden Street, Waverley. For the past 30 years, the building has been home to White’s Cakes – an institution to many locals in the area.

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