November 9, 2011

Bean Drinking

Bean Drinking is the real definition of a micro roastery. We have come to this conclusion by seeing how they market the ‘third wave’.

The ‘third wave’ is about taking coffee to a whole new level of sensory experience, enjoyment and appreciation. ‘Third Wavers’ appreciate each coffee for what it truly is and take whatever necessary steps to highlight the amazing, unique character in every coffee.

They acknowledge that everything and everybody involved every step of the way is centered on the quality of the coffee that fills the cup. This is the feeling you will experience at the Bean Drinking Roastery, Espresso Bar and Coffee Lab.

Bean Drinking’s strength is in serving top quality specialty coffees – including Cup of Excellence and small micro lot and boutique coffees.

They buy the best possible quality beans from specialty importers like MCM, Latorre & Dutch Coffee Traders and Silo, among others. They not only buy the best possible green beans, they also use top quality tools and machines.

This small café has its own 5 kilo Roastmax roaster, a Slayer and a Synesso Espresso Machine, at least 5 Mazzer grinders and a handful of Hario gear for different brew methods. You can choose your own single origin, or try their specialty signature blend called ‘Boots’. Not only can you come to have a good coffee, Bean Drinking also serves top quality organic food, drinking chocolate and chai. Your home coffee requirements will also be fulfilled, with the purchase of a few pieces of Hario Gear and coffee beans in take home packs.

Owner Keith Reay has succeeded in bringing the best the coffee world has to offer to Sydney, and we need a whole lot more like him to make this town a Mecca for coffee on the world scene.

Bean Drinking is based in Crows Nest and its open every day from 7am to 6 pm.

Shop 1, 13 Ernest Place,

Crows Nest NSW 2065

(02) 9436 1678

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