September 8, 2011

Expobar Ruggero Americana

Model: Ruggero Americana 3 Group
Expobar Australia is owned and operated by the Slade family. As a small family business, they take great care in the quality of equipment and service that they provide to their customers. The family have been involved with espresso machines for more than 55 years, with 3 generations of experience in the industry. For 12 years they have imported the Expobar Brand and have proven the quality and reliability of Expobar with the continued growth of the company locally and internationally.  

The Ruggero
The Ruggero was developed to meet the demand for an affordable, but sexy looking machine. Expobar has taken it to the next level by offering unrestricted colours, and the customer can also customise the light sign to suit their needs.

The Ruggero comes in two models: the Traditional style with boiler and heat exchanger and the Americana version. The Americana employs independent

1.5 L boilers per group, heated via a 1200 W element. Temperature control of each group is via independent PID controllers that are adjustable from the display.  The 17.5 L steam boiler (3 group) has the option of a 4.5 or 6 KW heating element upgrade. The Ruggero Americana is hand assembled in Melbourne and can be finished in any automotive colour available. The light display can incorporate custom graphics or slogan to suit your needs.

Carl Sara, Luciano Marcolino, Anne Cooper, Ben Gleeson.

The Results

The Ruggero has a sexy, classic, retro look with nice detailing.
Machine has a nice presence. Optional colour choice by design.

“The group handles give the right feeling in your hand and it’s easy to find the right work flow while operating the machine – things that are very important for us,” barista Carl Sara says. There’s good practical workspace with room to move. Plenty of cup storage on top of the machine, and excellent cup height under group head.  The deck stays clean – no pooling. Steam taps feel good in the hand, nice and easy, smooth flow. Longer steam wands are great. The tea water is via electric operation – volumetric – adjusted easily.

Excellent temperature stability and nice even flow. Individual temperature adjustment of the individual boilers via the PID control was brilliant. Changing group temperatures for each individual blend is awesome. The option of semi auto switches for the groups is great for that human interaction.

Milk Texturing
Excellent pressure from either side using the two different steam tips – nice dry steam for smooth textured, silky milk. Good angle and length of steam wand.

Load Test
TransTasman comp: delivered 30 coffees in 10 minutes – didn’t miss a beat – separate boiler = workhorse.

General Comments
Good looking machine, practical and reliable in a commercial environment. Ease of access to machine for serviceability.

Best Features
Design and simplicity of use. Easy adjustment of coffee boiler temperature. Price.

Features Ruggero 

Americana 3 Group

• Multi boiler technology. PID controller with digital display.
• Automatic pre infusion.
• Hand built in Melbourne, the body of the machine can be customised to suit individual customers’ café décor – paint colour etc.
• Customisable light display.
• 4 programmable doses per group, including programmable electronic tea.
• Automatic back flush of coffee groups.
• Semi auto – manual switch for coffee groups.
• Available in high group for large takeaway cups.

Optional Extras & Upgrades:

• Leva taps.
• Element upgrade to 4,500 watts.
• Element upgrade to 6,000 watts.
• Pump pressure gauge.
• Custom painted panels.
• Custom signage.
• No heat steam arms.
• Heavy group handles.
• Specific flow rates as required.

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Ruggero Specifications:

3 Group (as standard) 

• 1.5 L Boiler for each coffee group
• 1200 W heating element for coffee boilers
• PID temperature control with digital display for coffee boilers
• Functionality: Volumetric/Semi Automatic Control
• Power: Single Phase (2 or 3 Phase on Request)
• Maximum Installed Power: 20 amps
• Boiler Size: 17.5 L
• Boiler Composition: 99.9% Pure Copper
• Automatic Boiler Filling: Yes
• Heat Exchanger Size: 3 x 450 ml (for pre-heating coffee boilers)
• Heating Element Power: 4000 + 1200 + 1200 + 1200 watts
• Hot Water Outlets: 1
• Steam Outlets: 2
• Steam Pressure Gauge: No (digital Temp in deg C)
• Inbuilt Pump Type: Rotary
• Pump Capacity: 200 L/hour
• Standards Compliance: CE
• Product Dimensions (mm) : (1010) W x (600) D x (530) H
• Product (Net) Weight: 100 kg

Price Guide

Retail price:  Ruggero 2 Group $6,430.00
Ruggero 2 Group Americana $7,830.00
Ruggero 3 Group $7,590.00
Ruggero 3 Group Americana $9,570.00

Contact: Expobar Australia
T: (03) 9702 7733


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