July 18, 2014

What is Paleo?

I always get frustrated when media promote Paleo as some new fad diet, when in fact it is a lifestyle choice that involves being active, eating well and minimising stress.

When I first sat down and listened to someone explain it to me, it just made sense. The Paleo approach to eating is a return to whole and simple foods, with minimal refined sugars and carbohydrates. This is a diet rich in foods that were consumed as humans were evolving thousands of years ago. In order to eat Paleo method, consume a diet high in lean meats, vegetables, fats and seeds. Avoid dairy, grains and processed sugar altogether. The result is a diet most compatible with the way our bodies are innately programmed to process food and will lead to improved health outcomes, increased energy, and a reduction in blood sugars that can cause cardiovascular disease and diabetes. Some of the clear benefits of the Paleo Lifestyle are reduced body fat, more energy, a balanced blood sugar level, lower blood pressure, lower cholesterol, improved sleep and improved cognitive function.

At the Primal Pantry we strive to educate as well as feeding you delicious, nutritious food. Many people ask questions, and we are happy to share our knowledge to help them understand that good food does not have to be bland and boring. We let our food do the talking, but we also provide a number of avenues for our customers to learn for themselves why we believe the Paleo lifestyle to be the answer to a lot of the modern day lifestyle issues. Our Executive Chef, Tracy Hirst, is one of the best in the business. She makes everything from scratch, from the delicious treats in the cabinet right down to the sauces and dressings that flavour her amazing dishes. You will be amazed that how we can make simple whole foods taste so good. When you visit our café, it’s not just a meal … it’s a way to experience a different approach to food and learn how to improve your own health and wellbeing.

CONTACT   For more information about Paleo, visit our website. The FAQ page will have some of the answers you are looking for. You are also most welcome to drop into the Primal Pantry and ask some questions over a delicious meal. The proof is in the pudding, as they say!

BY Mark Rockley – Owner/Primal Pantry


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