April 26, 2013

Rawirat Techasitthanet

We now have the pleasure of uncovering her talents for the rest of the Australian coffee industry and public to enjoy.

Jibbi has 5 years’ experience working as a barista in numerous establishments. She has spent time training with Campos, Toby’s Estate, Golden Crobra, Umami and Di Bella Coffee and is constantly learning and looking to educate herself about coffee from any medium she can find.

Jibbi’s understanding of the beverage is evident. Her love for coffee starts at the beginning, with the shot. That is her primary concern, she told us. “The taste is always the backbone and needs to be the focus with each coffee I make. I also need a good shot to be the canvas to paint my latte art,” says Jibbi.

A year into her barista career, she learnt to love the Rosetta for its simple and beautiful design. She didn’t venture much further for a while, as she believed the taste should be the most important factor, regardless of the imagery.  However, when she commenced working at QT, she decided the time was right to take her creative gift to the next level. Jibbi says she added a fun animal face in the popular Macchiato, just to see what would happen. She received greater feedback than she had anticipated. With such a positive reaction from customers and colleagues, she decided to keep experimenting with imagery, and that’s how her love for the art itself started.

Now with the confidence to put more designs across the table, Jibbi showcased the Tiger, followed by her personal favourite, the Thai Elephant. She then went on to design the Phoenix and finished off with the Peacock. With all her designs, Jibbi comments that her focus is always on the quality and taste. She always makes sure there is a nice brown crema on top, so that her latte art will stand out, making it an aesthetically pleasing coffee – a perfect match!

Congratulations, Jibbi; we look forward to visiting the QT for another of your inspiring creations.

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