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November 5, 2018

GBANZ 2018 – Amazing line-up of conference speakers from all over the globe

We are a few weeks away from our biggest event of the year – the Pentair Everpure Golden Bean Roasters Conference and Competition, which again will be held in Port Macquarie starting the 21st to the 24th of November. We have an amazing line up of conference speakers from all over the globe this year, who will be delivering some helpful on trend topics that will benefit our industry now and on into the future. The speakers we have chosen will be looking at the positive side of our incredible industry and guiding us through profitable business concepts for the future. I personally am getting tired of the negative rhetoric that has been surrounding the coffee industry and I believe we need to get back to the reason why most of us have entered into the coffee business. I changed my life career direction because of the passion and fun that this hospitality sector emanates. I think I am part of a large group of people who have chosen this career, which also provides a fun lifestyle.

So, my plan was to seek and find one of the global industry fun guys, and we have done this by inviting Steve Cuevas from Black Oak Coffee, California. Steve is not only a two-time winner of Golden Bean North America, he is also one of the funniest characters in the coffee industry and his social media posts are a great source of light entertainment in our serious world. We asked Steve to present a topic around having fun with your social media platforms and how this communication is helping highlight important events and news in the international coffee industry.

We are also very excited to bring out to Australia Brandon Bir from the popular Crimson Cup Coffee in Ohio, who will be running a sensory workshop on Tuesday the 20th of November – the day before Golden Bean in Port Macquarie. Brandon has taken a slightly different approach to coffee evaluation and cupping, from traditional practices and will help coffee professionals develop their palate to on-trend flavours of new coffee origins and the advanced processing methods of today. In short, he will be explaining where the future coffee flavour trends are heading and what will be the expectations of the consumer, making this workshop a commercial positive for the revenue stream of your business, for all of those who attend.


Sensory Analysis and Common Sensory Practices

Brandon Bir is the education and sustainability director for Crimson Cup, which is an award winning Columbus Ohio Roaster. Brandon is a certified Q grader and SCA instructor and campus inspector. He will be hosting a full day sensory analysis and standard protocol of cupping workshop. In this workshop you will look at the science behind sensory evaluation to better understand our perception of flavours. You will explore cupper’s bias and methods to negate them, industry protocols, and basic modality sampling. The day will finish with coffee samplings and peer calibration to get you ready to take these advanced practices in to your business. This course is a good prelude to a Q grading certificate.

Limited spaces available – Book Now

Course price $350 includes, course notes, lunch, certificate


Please, if you are a coffee professional and are wanting to develop your understanding of the “real” coffee business model, book your spot with us at Pentair Everpure Golden Bean 2018. We are very proud of this event, which is now the largest coffee roasting competition in the world and we are slowly joining the dots connecting the right people in our industry together for the right reasons.

I am looking forward to our big Golden Bean Family gathering and plan to make this years’ event unforgettable and business life changing.

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by Sean Edwards

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