December 14, 2014

Detmold Launches I Am Eco

Australian owned and operated, leading, global packaging company, Detmold Group has taken its environmental packaging range to a new level with the launch of a new brand called I am eco™.
Detmold Group Marketing Manager Shane Fuller said: “In an Australian first, this new range includes use of a unique bagasse sugarcane board material formed into food pails by our manufacturing plant. Popular quick service restaurant Nando’s is already using the new material for several of their menu items, with great success.”
Bagasse sugarcane board is a new sustainable product and is available as a direct result of Detmold’s commitment to investigate and trial alternative renewable materials. Not only is it made from 100% recycled content, but it is converted into solid board sheets for effective printing and the sheeting can be transported more efficiently, thus saving energy and carbon emissions.
Mr Fuller said: “The introduction of I am eco™ now means Detpak, Detmold group’s specialist division for the food service industry, offers a large range of environmental packaging that is biodegradable and compostable.
“All 52 items in the I am eco™ collection are made exclusively from plants, a renewable resource. These include sugarcane, corn and trees. Put simply, the I am eco™ range is ‘made from nature’. Items such as the Detpak’s original ripple wrap cup are now available in the I am eco™ range, and we have introduced a suite of new products including smooth double wall hot cups, plates, bowls, lunch boxes and pails that are available in numerous sizes.
“Customers can now attain a wide range of eco products from Detpak as well as secure traditional products, making Detpak a one stop shop for all packaging needs. Our reputation for quality is what sets us apart, as well as our expertise in custom printing on many products in the range.”
Recent research indicates that hospitality businesses are trending to environmental packaging, and this is due to an increase in the demand from the end customers and also reflects businesses creating a point of difference in the marketplace.
Genovese Coffee General Manager, Martin Jackson said: “Detpak’s expanded range of Eco cups provides us with the choice we are looking for and gives our customers a sense they are doing their bit for the environment. The quality and innovation Detpak are showing in extending their range of products in I am eco™ is a clincher for us.”
Mr Fuller said: “The I am eco™ range will appeal to cafés, coffee roasters, caterers and festival events. All the hard work is done. No need to think about what will happen with the packaging after use, as we’ve taken care to make the new range fully biodegradable.”
For further information:
Shane Fuller, Group Marketing Manager, Detmold Group.
T: (08) 8448 5110 and 0419 869 385


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