May 4, 2017

What do you think of when you think “Point of Sales?”


Do you think of a big, bulky, outdated system? Do you remember pressing a button, hard, several times before it even responds? Do you lament the laborious training with an unfamiliar monster of a machine?

We all know the “big” names. These “big” names come with “big” hardware and “big” waiting lines for support, especially when their headquarters are overseas. Let’s not even mention the “big” price tag that comes with this blocky burden.

The digital age has so much more to offer than big, bulky systems. Two Melbournians realised this, six years ago: Peter, with over 25 years of experience in hospitality, and Kheam, with 20 years of experience in technology. Together, they developed a vision to take full advantage of the technology available, and bring these benefits to the Australian hospitality industry, which we all love. In 2015, Abacus was born, and it shook the Point of Sales sphere. Abacus is the fastest-growing Point of Sales system on offer.

Firstly, Abacus is streamlined.
Rather than cloning the old Point of Sales models and their problems, Abacus makes use of iPad technology to create an all-new platform that is quick and easy to use. Being iPad-based, it is easy to learn and requires little training. While it is responsive and user-friendly, it is also powerful and complex. With access control over several accounts, you can keep track of your staff’s POS activity while making sure that you alone can access the advanced functions, such as settings and reports.

Secondly, Abacus keeps you connected.
It is cloud-based, so you can see your sales in real time on your computer or smartphone, no matter where you are in the world. Unlike other cloud-based systems, however, Abacus will also function offline – just connect when you want to sync to the cloud! Manage your inventory, labour, roster, and customer loyalty programs from the one login. Abacus also integrates with Xero, to help cut down on bookkeeping time and costs.

Thirdly, Abacus is versatile.
Whether you need just one Point of Sales or twenty waiter pads, Abacus has you covered. With systems for mobile ordering, self-ordering kiosks, kitchen display screens, and table-ordering, your layout options increase tenfold. All these systems integrate into the one single platform that is Abacus. Don’t forget that the iPad comes in three sizes (mini, Air, and Pro) so you have a variety of configurations to choose from to best suit your vision.
Just as the telephone, camera, and computer came together in the smartphone, so too has the Point of Sales become a comprehensive system. Abacus is the only fully comprehensive solution on the market, and it came right from Melbourne.

So, what do you think of when you think “Point of Sales”? Australia’s beloved Abacus will show you so much more.

One of the only Australian owned and operated, cloud based iPad POS solutions on the market

• Cloud based iPad solution
• Intuitive and easy to use
• Australian based & owned
• Single store to national franchise
• Most comprehensive solution on the market

T. 1300 552 535

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