December 10, 2015

Cafe People: Flinn Lambert


If you could look behind the scenes in a convenience store, café, restaurant or pub, you would more than likely find Everpure, Claris and Shurflo systems filtering and pumping the essential ingredient we can so easily take for granted. And most probably it would be the likes of Flinn Lambert, Business Development Manager for Pentair Foodservice, who would have had something to do with it.
Flinn has worked for Pentair for over five years and together with David King, Technical Foodservice Sales Manager, they have managed Pentair’s foodservice operations throughout Australia and New Zealand. Flinn has recently completed a Diploma in Business, which she says has been invaluable in giving her a formal education to complement her practical experience, and she intends to further her business studies in 2016.
Flinn comes from an international trade and export background, where she cut her teeth exporting commercially grown flowers from New Zealand and Australia to North America: “A challenge when you have a product that has to be in water within 48 hours,” she says. So, she gets it with water!
Flinn considers herself very fortunate to now work for a company that has such an extensive range of filtration systems for all water qualities, and in Australia and New Zealand we are certainly challenged by this. “Pentair invests heavily in research and development, so it’s very exciting to be at the cutting edge of technology. We have some amazing products on the market, and new developments are on their way!” says Flinn. “It’s also incredibly rewarding to assist a customer with the right filtration when they have endured a water issue that has affected their equipment and coffee – essentially their livelihoods.”
With the emergence of the Australian specialty coffee industry, Pentair’s focus has been on educating customers about the effect of water. There are a myriad of water conditions in Australia, so there is not one type of filtration that will suit all regions. Water is a variable; roasters spend many hours sourcing and roasting the perfect bean, and machine manufacturers are making highly advanced and expensive coffee machines. If water has not been tested and the correct filtration specified, the efforts of the roaster are diminished, and the damage water can have on a coffee machine can be catastrophic.

 “My job has taken me to some amazing places, and I’ve met some very inspiring and interesting people” says Flinn.

“The café industry is such a large part of our business, and I absolutely love being involved with cafés, roasters and industry people; it’s my kind of scene.”

 Although enthusiastic about the work she does, Flinn finds time to enjoy her other passion. We recently and unexpectedly bumped into her at Los Angeles airport, where she was heading off to see a couple of bands. This was a side of Flinn Lambert we didn’t know about! So we asked her, “Do you usually travel so far for music?”

 “My favourite pastime and form of relaxation is music and travel. If I can combine the two, even better! I recently saw the B-52s and the Psychedelic Furs live at the Hollywood Bowl and the night before that, Johnette Napolitano in a small intimate café bar in West Hollywood. The last few summers I have enjoyed a bit of ‘doof in the bush’ and have danced for three days at the Rainbow Serpent Festival. I’ve seen Marianne Faithful three nights in a row at the Forum in Melbourne a few years back … I’m definitely committed!”
Wow, and this is what we love about our “Café People”. They are just great people, passionate about their jobs, fun to be around and never one dimensional. Thanks Flinn; we look forward to catching up with you again soon.

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