April 27, 2017

Women in Coffee – Karen Puryicky

Born in Colombia, Karen Puryicky grew up in the beautiful coffee growing region not far from Bogota called Tolima. Inevitably loving coffee from an early age, it was only upon travelling to Australia to learn English that her true coffee journey began. Her appreciation of the complexity of this seemingly simple beverage grew significantly during her year abroad.

Seeing the growth of the coffee industry in Australia first hand inspired me,” Karen says. Inspiring her so much, that a consultation with her father about the opportunities and interests in quality Colombian coffee in Australia, brought about the birth of South American Bean (SAB).

Sharing samples of the best coffees from the regions of Tolima, Huila and Santander with Australian coffee roasters produced an amazing response and led to our first container shipment from Colombia in 2013. SAB, a family owned company based in Queensland, now work with a number of specialty coffee farmers and have their own farms, where they are able to experiment with different processing methods in order to improve the quality with every harvest.

“I see a bright future in coffee. Like all businesses, the success is dependent on customer involvement, and I believe that consumers care more now than ever about the transparency and quality of the coffee they drink.”

Karen has made herself known within the Australian coffee scene, being a part of many great events and networking within the industry. She has been a regular judge at the Golden Bean, and her expert palate has assisted the process of finding Australian medal winners. She was present with her father at SCAA in Seattle, to see Sasa Sestic get crowned World Champion of 2015.

Karen is keen to see the benefit to the entire industry, with a continuous focus on quality and transparency throughout the world. Being a Colombian, she has coffee flowing through her veins – so the love of the industry is instilled. She now wants to share her passion and coffee with the world.

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