September 8, 2011

Dalla Corte Pro

Dalla Corte is quite the success story. Bruno Dalla Corte played an integral part in the innovative E61 system released by Faema, which shaped the course of espresso machines as we know them today. In 2001 Bruno and Paolo Dalla Corte developed their first system together, their “multi-boiler” technology, which was the first precise and consistent temperature control that was accurate to 1/10 degrees celcius. Almost 10 years later, they are recognised widely across the globe for their developments and input to the industry. The recently released DC PRO is their latest project and is set to give even more credibility to their slogan – “proof of taste”.

Testing the Machine

Instaurator – Coffee and business consultant with a world renowned reputation for his coffee tasting and management expertise.
Scottie Callaghan – Australian National Barista Champion 2010. World Barista Champion, third place, 2010.
Mitch Faulkner – Australian Coffee in Good Spirits Champion 2010.

The Results

It appears that a lot of thought has gone into the aesthetic design of the machine, as it looks great from all angles. Very cool LED display at the front of the machine. Backlighting also gives you a great option of putting your café logo or brand up in lights. The lighting makes the machine stand out and creates a centerpiece for the café.

Good ergonomics with excellent precision on the controls. The handles sloping down helps with repetitive injury syndrome. Easy to clean drip tray and automatic back flush cycle means the end of the day cleaning is done with ease.

Very positive results on extraction, with super stable temperature control. However, the preference was in using the deeper baskets to get the best out of the coffee.  Innovations such as the diminishing temperature profiling concept makes it possible to maintain an accurate brewing temperature.

Milk Texturing
Good steam wand with high steam pressure, really quick with the half twist steam tap. Very easy to produce beautiful milk texture. The MCS would be a plus for staff and great for a busy espresso bar. It was a nice surprise to experience the quality of milk texture it produced – nothing else like this on the market.

Load Test
Mitch used this machine on a regular basis while preparing for his competition. Under load the machine does not lose quality, even when being “pumped” with coffee after coffee.

General Comments
Mitch: It’s a huge step in the right direction – stable temperature, huge energy savings, the LED display and control panel, the great steam quality, and the easy to use automatic steam wand that produces an outstanding milk texture quality places the machine the top end of the market.

Instaurator: There is a lot of intelligence built into the machine, which reflects the creator’s mind. It is a shame competition formats haven’t kept up with the advances in machine development: for instance, being able to adjust your temperature or baskets to get the best out of your blend should be a standard basic option available to competitors as it is to baristas in their espresso bars.

Scottie: I’ve never used anything like this in the past and can see how much effort has been put into the design and construction of the system. The DC PRO is a very impressive machine.

A Vision
Dalla Corte had the vision of creating a newly conceived espresso machine – one that fulfilled the various prerequisites required for working intuitively. After countless conversations, experiments and designs, they finally came to understand what the truly relevant functions of a modern espresso machine should be. Semi-automatic and yet still systematic – that is the balancing act that they have mastered with the DC PRO. Everything is encased in a functional cover made from brushed alloy and has been connected in a simple and logical way. This also gives the machine a design like never before … a design that works and one that stands out.

At the heart of the DC PRO is Dalla Corte’s original “multi-boiler” technology, their system, dubbed the DTCS (Direct Temperature Control System), is patented and has been proven time in and time out by committees such as the World Barista Competition Committee to have such a brewing stability. The parameters of each brewing unit can be set and run independently from one another; you can have different temperatures set on different groups, all accurate to 1/10 of a degree.

Dalla Corte has also been dubbed the “green” machine due to their energy consumption. The DC PRO has a new function that reduces the power consumption even further. You can run the machine at 30% overnight, which uses a very limited amount of power to keep the machine “luke-warm”. There is a lot of energy consumed getting a machine from cold to warm, but not much from warm to hot. By keeping the machine running at 30% overnight, you can reduce your energy consumption greatly.

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• The only machine in the world to have an energy stamp (rating).
• Newly patented LPS (low power system), the machine can be reduced to run at 30% power overnight.
• All the parameters can be adjusted on the front panel through the LCD display.
• The MCS (milk control system) comes standard on the machine.
• Running extraction time is displayed on the LCD display.
• Steam boiler has a higher max temperature, the super fast steam needs no recovery time (perfect for Australia; we use lots of milk).
• Rear lighting with option to add café logo or coffee brand.
• Ergonomically shaped group handles.
• Half turn steam handles.

Price Guide
2 group $14,000
3 group $16,000

Australian Beverage Corporation
t: 1300 656 842

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